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do you like???
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The Oriental Cheongsam http://cheongsamoutlet.com/goods-77-Chinese-Style-Classical-Qipao-100-Super-Silk-Traditional-Purple-QP0077.html is a traditional dress worn by Chinese women. It is a long dress that is form fitting and was originally known as all Qipaoa?. The Qing Dynasty had popularized the use of Cheongsam during the 17th century. However, as time progressed, the Chinese dress also evolved. During the early years, the Cheongsam was just a baggy and loosely-fitted long dress. It conceals parts of the body in such a way that only the head, tips of toes and hands were revealed. Nevertheless, due to the many style improvements throughout the world, the Cheongsam has been tailored to fit the modern taste of people in which it is upgraded into sleeker and more fitting style.
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